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As the summer months approach we people become highly concern about the bugs and its bites which can lead to skin irritation, redness and worse yet, itchy. Mosquitoes are the most commonly found bugs during summers and their bites are even dangerous and the main problem is that we hardly notice their attacks. So, to prevent the mosquito’s bites this summer and the harmful diseases that it spread, you must bring home the powerful repellent patch called BiteGaurd Mosquito. BiteGaurd Mosquito is the advanced mosquito repellent patch designed to offer full body protection from mosquitoes and other bug bites. The product is designed with natural ingredients that are known to keep your skin safe and it is easy to apply and water resistant which make the patch to last longer and provide protection to your skin from bugs and insects.

What are the Claims of BiteGaurd Mosquito?

BiteGaurd Mosquito is the advanced mosquito repellent patch which claims to offer active shield to your body from the bites of mosquitoes and bugs. The patch is very gentle to your skin and protects the skin from the harmful diseases and bites of the bugs and mosquitoes which can lead to Yellow Fever, West Nile or Malria. BiteGaurd Mosquito claims to work by blocking the scents of humans which are appealing to the mosquitoes and insects and it provides a unique odor that repels the insects and keeps you invisible to the mosquitoes. The odor that it produces is very pleasant for humans but for insects it is very powerful and repels them from biting you. Moreover, the repellent claims to use natural ingredients which are safe and secure for your skin.

What Does BiteGaurd Mosquito Comprises and Working Process?

  • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil – This is the natural ingredient that is extracted from trees and it is widely used in many mosquitos’ repellent products today. This oil is very safe and natural compared to DEET and it works to block the cues in the environment which are targeted by the bugs. This ingredient is very helpful for repelling the bugs and mosquitoes that are carrying West Nile diseases and it also prevents tick bites.
  • Citronella Essential Oil – This is a lemon scented grass which is popularly found in Asian countries and it is the oldest insect repellant and very effective against the species that cause the Yellow Fever. This ingredient blocks the senses of the bugs and hence it becomes difficult for the insects and mosquitoes to locate the humans around them.

Benefits of BiteGaurd Mosquito

  • It provides 24 hours protection of bugs and mosquitoes
  • It is effective against the insects that cause Yellow Fever
  • It prevents the mosquitoes to bite you that cause West Nile
  • It is very effective against Tick Bites
  • It is safe and secure for your skin

How to Use BiteGaurd Mosquito?

BiteGaurd Mosquito are required to be used as prescribed on the label. You need to apply the cream on your skin which are exposed and ensure to apply it gently on your skin daily before sleep at night.

Where to Order BiteGaurd Mosquito?

BiteGaurd Mosquito can be ordered online directly from its official website.

BiteGaurd Mosquito

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