How to Build Muscle and Strength Without Lifting Weights

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Build MuscleBuild Muscle : Today, in the mid of hectic working schedules, not everyone can make out time for gym and exercises. However, there are ways that can help you develop lean muscles and increase body’s strength without lifting weight or buying any home exercise equipments. Many people believe that to build muscles and increase strength they need to undergo strength training at gym. But, the reality is that there is some strength training where lifting weight is not required and these exercises can help you build muscles and increase your strength and improve your physical health like reducing the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. These strength training is designed in such a way that it can enhance your ability to perform all your daily activities with ease. It will significantly improve your flexibility, coordination and body strength, while helping you build muscle without lifting weights.

Calf Exercise

This classic exercise regime will help you to make your calf muscles stronger and toned. This exercising regime involves utilization of your body weight rather than weight machine to help you develop lean and strong muscle mass. This exercise makes both your soleus muscles and gastrocnemius stronger. To start the exercise you are required to stand beside a wall to balance yourself and keep your feet hip-width apart with hips, knees and ankles vertically aligned. Now gradually push the body upward and ensure that muscles of your abdomen are involved, while keeping the back straight.


This is the form of exercise that usually helps you to enhance overall strength of your body. The exercise usually targets the chest, arms, and upper body, upper back and throughout the pushup element and finally hit the lower body. You need to start the exercise by standing upright and then move to squat position by placing your hands on floor. Now you need to kick your feet in backward direction and create a pushup position and drop the chest toward the floor. As your return your feet, you need to bow your chest up and get into squat position as soon as possible. Jump up higher into the higher.


The fastest way to increase the upper body strength naturally is by including a dip into your daily workout routine. Dips can be performed using parallel bars and this exercise usually targets the triceps and chest. You simply need to keep your body upright while bringing your knees up and focus more on the triceps. Weight bench or chair can also be used for triceps dips.


This is another great way to build muscles and strengthen your body without lifting weight. These are basically powerful, yet explosive movements that not just only help you build muscles, but also increase your body strength by placing intense demand on your muscles. You will see athletes involved in high jumping and running often use plyometrics as it helps them to build explosive strength. Some of the popular plyometric exercises include alternating lunge jumps, plyo-pushups, squat jumps and box drill can be helpful for you to build muscles and increase strength of your body.

Taking Sufficient Rest

While training for muscles building and increasing strength you must always take sufficient rest in between. You must avoid performing one exercise after another as it may make your exhaust. You must prefer to do 10 reps each time and take about 10-12 minute rest and then start with the remaining reps. performing exercises regularly is recommended, but along with this proper rest is also required for healthy muscle growth and enhanced strength.

Sufficient Protein for muscles

Weightlifting exercises usually make your metabolic rate to race as the body consistently works to restore the lost energy and repair the muscle tissues. So, when you are not lifting weight you need to ensure that you are taking sufficient calories and protein as these works as resources to repair and recover the muscle tissues. You must consume 500 additional calories daily, especially on the workout days.