The Wants of Men and Women Differs After Couples Fight

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Couples Fight – According to a new research, couples across the world do have rough patches and when they have a quarrel, both the partners want different things from each other before make up. The women usually prefer having a heartfelt apology and want to spend quality time together. However, on the other hand men usually prefer a simple kind gesture from their partner along with a sexual favor.

What Does the Research Reveals More? [Couples Fight]

To understand this theory, the researchers have performed two different surveys, of which the first survey includes 74 people aged between 18 years and 54 years and about 38 of volunteers were only women. According to the survey, these people were asked to think of acts which they would like to perform when they try to reconcile with their partner. From the first survey the researchers have separately classified answers into 21 categories and all these answer were provided to separate groups of men and women so as to identify the most effective and popular answers.

In the second survey, about 164 people were included aged between 18 years to 61 years, of which 123 were women volunteers. The findings of the survey were published online. According to survey, most of the males usually believe that doing something good for their partner and offering them with sexual favor was quite effective to patch things up.

Couples Fight

What is the Final Conclusion of the Survey? [Couples Fight]

According to the survey, it is necessary that women must offer sexual favors to their male partner in a bid to reconcile with them. If this route is followed by the female partner, then this may communicate their male counterpart that she is still sexually accessible to them and hence they don’t want to simply go for termination of the relationship.

However, on contrary to this fact, women think differently. They believe a simple apologize from their male partner can do wonder to reconcile the relationship and repair the damaged relation. Men who tend to shed few tears and show their apology and true love for their female partner are likely to win their heart again and reconcile the relationship safely. They need to prove that they are sorry and in touch with their emotions are more likely to be forgiven by their partner.

The survey also reveals that women prefer spending quality time together because this behavior signals their willingness to give more efforts and time to pair bond of romantic relationship. This type of action from male counterpart encourages the females to believe they are more inclined towards a highly parental investment and this is what a woman always desire from their partner.

The report also suggests that this act of males for apologizing is the ultimate reconciliation method because it is considered as the most altruistic act. This act of males would redirect the overall efforts of romantic conflicts to himself instead of their partner, therefore this would showcase their ability to offer emotional support and may also incur personal costs for their partner.

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