The Purpose of This Disclaimer

The purpose of the site is to provide you information regarding the products that are available in the market stated as steroid but we does not guarantee there effect that they state. This site is solely for the purpose of reviewing and does not stand alongside the third party or so. As stated before, we are not liable to anyone for any kind of harm caused by the products purchased from this site; we do not claim to be the true information provider. We do not advocate, encourage or recommend consumers buy or use these products.

We recognize the realities of modern day drug abuse; we know there can generate health complication by such products use. We do not have any kind of control on the sellers or buyers.

Steroid Use Restrictions

The products are of high power and we do not assure of their purity and safety so we recommend and restrict minors from approaching this site by means of the data collection. Health Product Selection Ltd does not approve the use of steroids and thus stops under aged kids from buying or reviewing the website.

We encourage the authorized users to buy the products made available on the site upon their best understanding and use of the product. Any improper consumption would result harmful to the unknown extent; we recommend consulting with some expert before using the actual product.

We do not recommend that products featured within our reviews be used outside the purview of authorized medical practitioners following standard legal, medical and pharmaceutical guidelines and practices knowing that they are not risk-free.

Further, parties contributing to site content-publishers, owners, distributors, website staff and related third-parties are firmly committed to informing readers living in territories or nations outside the U.S. that the product reviews we publish are crafted to suit stringent steroid-use laws, policies and regulations. Therefore, unauthorized shoppers are prohibited from placing orders for our products online outside these boundaries to meet geographic policies covering the purchase, sale, resale and distribution of said pharmaceuticals.

Health Product Selection Ltd and our subsidiaries remain neutral on the subject of steroids, therefore, this website has not and will not promote, support or seek the legalization of anabolic or androgenic steroids if they are not produced in accordance with pharmaceutical industry and legal standards.

Endorsement Disclaimer

This website is a public service provider which allows other sellers, manufacturers, companies made their products available on this site for selling purpose and we allows them to reach out to you. Our motive is to make you aware about the steroids products that are out there in the market or are newly introduced, about their benefits and side-effects and other features.

The companies, manufacturers, services, products and trademarks appearing on the website do not constitute recommendations or endorsements of one brand over another; rather they represent a selection of products submitted by manufacturers for evaluation and review purposes because this website does not advocate on behalf of one manufacturer over others in the interest of full disclosure.


As stated before also, we provide information regarding the steroid products that are out there in market and being introduced time to time. We strongly say we are not here to recommend any product of any kind, we welcome other manufacturers, companies, sellers and buyers here to interact but any harm, problem being caused to any of stated we do not hold responsibility for them.

According to the legal guidelines established and maintained by Health Product Selection Ltd, we owe no liability for physical, emotional and psychological symptoms, syndromes and illnesses originating with the ingestion of products reviewed and sold on our website.

When any visitor or regular user register himself to the site they free us from any kind of liability that may arise from ordering, ingesting, selling and distributing the products profiled on the site and by logging you agree to abide by our website service parameters.

We do not take charge for any kind of loss to you such as –

  1. Lost-in-transit for a product order from this website.
  2. We are not responsible for wrong deliveries.
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The products are shipped within marked territorial area of a legal destination. You acknowledge your understanding of local medical laws and abide by your commitment not to violate local, state or national laws related to steroid use as a direct result of ordering product from our website thus you officially release and absolve Health Product Selection Ltd, principles and website personnel from violations resulting from your decision not to read and/or understand the language associated with violating such laws.

Reviews Disclaimer

Our website is a platform where buyers and sellers gather to find their interest. Health Product Selection Ltd has a wide range of companies and under the auspices of a large number of individual brands, our opinions and descriptions related to steroid products displayed is not for medical advice and is based on subjective and speculative information gathered from resources invested in the sale and promotion of steroid products.

Your visit to this medical disclaimer page constitutes your release from liability to anyone associated with the research, writing and editing of these reviews and you hold harmless from civil or criminal liability all personnel associated with said reviews, including publishers, advertisers, reviewers, administrators and sponsors.

Permission to Reproduce Content

We keep you updated about the current state of steroids industry for purposes of transparency, this 15-year-old web solution giant known for domain registration and web hosting excellence. The most affordable place to have all this kind of product is Domain.com. Our website informs and sells steroid products; our reviews are proprietary and subject to standard trademark, copyright and registration laws.

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Note – we advised you to keep updated with the sites terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer because these are changed time to time to protect the interest of website and users too.