Find Out The Four Reasons why Japan is So Eccentric

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No matter where you reside and which country you belong to, Japan is the nation that remains the top favorite for most of the travelers and people across the world. Owing to its weirdness and eccentric nature of the country, it has become legendary nation visited by most of the people across the world. Below you will come across with few reasons why Japan is so eccentric!

Reason One – Insularity

It is truly very difficult for a nation to maintain a relation with the world, especially when the nation is bordered by the sea. But, this is not the case always as Britain is also a island bordered by sea and it is never been isolated.

Reason Two – There is no Tandy for Expansion

The climatic condition and landscape of Europe is best suited for the harvesting of wheat and oats and raising livestock. Owing to this activity the demand for a new land increases, thereby expansion of new land in Europe happens and this has made them the main conqueror of the world. Contrary to this, the natural environment of Japan aids in growing rice and catching fish and this made Japan to incline to intensity and they only focus on one thing instead of growing other things. So, they are having no tendency for expansion of the land and they ended up with isolation.

Reason Three – They are Not Ashamed of Things that Make Europe Blush

It has been noticed that the attitude of West and East is always different compared to other parts of the nation. For instance, the European nations never wash at all at one point, while the people is Asia are not known this disregard for hygiene. However, the main culprit here is the Bible as it says that you must neglect the bodies and care only for the souls. Asian people considered their body as a sacred as the soul. Days are long gone when the Western culture with the remain traces of human nature has been forbidden. In Japan, this is the topic which is not a taboo and the third reason therefore is why the people in Japan are so different than others.

Reason Four – The Ads in Japan are Very Crazy

There is a tendency in the people of Japan that anything will do well for them if it can distract them from their issues and problems. So, the best things here are the advertisements which are crazy, yet distracting for them. It makes them smile and brings out all the emotions instead of telling you about the benefits of the products and services. Moreover, the advertising agencies in Japan prefer to compete with some of the special frenzy materials, owing to the fact that the market is oversaturated. The law in Japan regarding advertisement is to make the product noticed and make it weird for the viewers.

So, these were four excellent reasons why Japan is considered the most eccentric nation today across the world.


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