The Workings and Uses of L-Arginine

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L-ArginineL-Arginine is basically the chemical compound that acts as amino acid when released in body. This chemical building block can be obtained from a variety of sources including your diet and it is the essential compound for building protein in body. L-Arginine is highly found in fish, red meat, dairy products and poultry. It can also be prepared artificially in laboratory and widely used in a variety of health supplement.

L-Arginine is widely used today for blood vessel conditions and heart diseases including chest pain, congestive heart failure, coronary artery diseases, and high blood pressure. It is also prescribed to treat recurrent pain in legs caused due to arteries blockage. It is also used for treating erectile dysfunction, male infertility and reduced mental capacity in elderly people. It is also prescribed in some cases of common cold and to improvise the kidney functioning after a transplant and to control high blood pressure during pregnancy. Today, the athletes are also using L-Arginine so as to improvise their performance, immunity and to prevent inflammation in the digestive tract in premature infants.

L-Arginine is also prescribed in combination other over the counter drugs and other prescription drugs for a variety of conditions. It can also be used in combination of ibuprofen to treat migraine pain and also with traditional chemotherapy medications to treat breast cancer in females and along with amino acid to treat weight loss in people with AIDS. L-Arginine is also prescribed along with fish oil and other health supplements so as to reduce infections and to reduce recovery time after surgery and to improve the healing process of wounds.

Working of L-Arginine!

When L-Arginine is released in your body it converts into a chemical compound called nitric oxide and this causes the blood vessels to widen to increase the circulation of blood across the body. It also works to stimulate the production of growth hormone in body and also responsible for increasing insulin and other substances in body that are necessary for your health and wellness.

Uses of L-Arginine!

  • Chest Pain or Angina – This is the condition where L-Arginine is prescribed to reduce the symptoms and enhance the exercise tolerance and quality of life. But, this ingredient won’t improve the condition either.
  • Erectile Dysfunction – It is observed that the use of L-Arginine daily can improvise the biological functions of males, while treating erectile disunion naturally. It is effective in increasing erections and maximizes the arousal levels in males
  • High Blood Pressure – L-Arginine is also helpful in reducing the blood pressure in people and maintains a good pressure of blood across the body and prevents high blood pressure in diabetic people
  • Inflammation – L-Arginine is also used in reducing inflammation of the digestive tract in premature infants.
  • Improving Recovery – The ingredient is also helpful in improvising the recovery period after surgery. It is helpful in reducing infections and also maximizes the healing process of wounds in body.

There are also other medical uses of L-Arginine.


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