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It is estimated that more than half of the world popular suffer from memory decline and poor mental focus after the age of 40. This is common and the prime reason for memory decline and poor brain functioning is because of poor cognitive health. You will experience poor functioning of the brain and you will also struggle with performance issues with your memory power. However, to improve the energy level of your brain and to restore your mental health a formula called Plus IQ Points has been formulated. Plus IQ Points is the unique nootropics formula which claims to increase the strength of neurotransmitters in brain, while boosting the proper functioning of your brain. It also boosts your memory power, brain functioning and also increases focus and alertness.

Functioning and Ingredients List

Plus IQ Points is the natural nootropic formula and hence it works naturally to increase the production level of neurotransmitters in brain which improves the connection between the neurons in brain. Therefore, enabling your brain to create new memories with ease and this also accelerates the speed at which your brain process memories and access memories in the nervous tissues. It also works to boost the cognitive health and brain power by increasing the circulation of blood in brain cells and it takes your cognitive functioning to its pinnacle so that you can perform at your peak. Some of the ingredients that are included in the formula are:

  • Bacopa Monnieri – This is an herb which is known to increase the longevity of your brain and cognitive improvement, while reducing the anxiety and stress level and improving the memory formation.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract – This is another herb which is known to improve your mood, cognitive functioning and energy level of your brain and also reduces the symptoms of multiple chronic diseases.
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract – This is an herb which is clinically approved to promote both physical and cognitive vitality.

Pros of Plus IQ Points

  • It improves your cognitive health and functioning
  • It enhances your brain health and power
  • It increases mental focus
  • It reduces anxiety, depression and stress level
  • It boosts blood circulation for optimal brain functioning and energy
  • It increases the neurotransmitter growth level
  • It increases protein production level
  • It sharpens your brain, memory and promotes blood circulation in brain for optimal oxygenation

What is the Dosing of Plus IQ Points?

The proper dosing of Plus IQ Points is mentioned on the label of the formula. You also need to consult your doctor prior to using the formula so as to know the precise dosing according to your health and age. You must not exceed daily doses of 2 capsules and ensure to take it regularly to achieve results within 60-90 days.

Is Plus IQ Points Safe?

Well, as far as its ingredients are concerned it is totally safe and all the ingredients included in the formula are clinically approved and hence it is considered to be safe totally for boosting your cognitive functioning and health.

Where to Order Plus IQ Points?

Order it online from its official website and get the chance to grab its risk free trail offer from its website directly.

Plus IQ Points

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