Everyone has some identity that they want to maintain and when you share some with us, we protect it and keep it secure with us. Personal information is need when you register and so we can keep a tract of your activity on our website. keeps us identity hidden for other users.

Information We Do Collect collects information at the time of registration with the site, in order to have a smooth hand while you order in near future or to access without any inconvenience.

Your identity and contact information can be used for the following purposes:

  • To improve your user experience on
  • Your personal information will enable us to give a better response to your questions or needs.
  • To process and ship your product purchases on our site.
  • To send you business emails pertaining to our website, products and services or any purchases you have made on the site.
  • To notify you about a contest, promotional event or marketing survey pertaining to our company website and brand.

When you subscribe to our site we regularly keep you updated about what is happening so can avail the benefit.

Use of Aggregated Statistics

Any uncertain, harmful behaviour or any spam activity of any visitor or user is caught by site can take action and would also post such on the website to the sake of other users protection or notify others by the means of personal notification. Anyone’s personal information would not be exposed.

Protecting Personal Information

Your identity is completely hidden, under secure hands and with the best security so you do not have to worry about any kind of trouble. This site prevents your information from hackers, other users and visitors off course. Your records of any kind with the website are hidden from others, may it be anyone.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are information strings that a website stores on a site visitor’s computer so next time it is easy for you to view the site. uses cookies for sites safety; it tracks your activities, helping you to access your favourite section on the site by showing you things of your interest. These cookies use can be undone by changing the settings in the browser section but when such action is taken the user may not be able to have a fruitful look at the site.

Website Visitor Information

Visitor’s information is collected by this site in order to have an idea about their preference, type, and interest in this Such activity is performed individually and group wise too, collection of data makes it easy for our website to settle users/visitors interest.

The information collected by the site about the visitor from other source does not have a privilege to be in secure selection

Outside Parties

For law, in terms of danger to the site and to the trusted and friendly companies connected with us may have access to your personal information as and when required. We do not reveal your information just like that but when it is need in extreme case and also when it comes to promote the site, sometimes with and sometimes without your consent this depend on your terms with the website.

Third Party Links

Sometimes we do offer third party to participate in our site, show themselves, we help them to be identified and in this context we are not liable to them for anything, neither have we poked in their privacy policy nor they interrupt in ours. However we whole heartedly welcome our customers to comments and provide us feedback concerning these other business entities and their procedures.

Consent to Our Privacy Policy

Our website stores the information you provide us with and assures you of the safety regarding your personal identity. Changes regarding privacy policy will be updated and you will be notified of such to protect your identity. Visitors information can be collected from other source for the sake of protection of this site but this does not let their information to be in safe hands as it is publically provided.