Some of The Common Things Whose True Purpose You Didn’t Know

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In our daily life we come across with several things and objects which seem to be very common and you can’t just stop thinking why they appear and why they are really required. So, to enlighten you about these common things here are the list of things that ordinary but has an extraordinary purpose. So, have a look at these things carefully.

The Donut Hole ( Purpose)

It is the most common preferred snack and it is mainly consumed in urban cities. This confectioner prepares a variety of delicious pastries in different shapes and sizes. Initially, they only prepared pastries with edges and the middle of the pie is evenly baked. But now they have come forth with a new design in their pie with a hole in the middle and this is the best way to bake the entire pie evenly.

Frit Band and the Dots ( Purpose)

The black band running along the edges of the windshield is called the frit and it is baked in ceramic pain and has several purposes. It protects the urethane sealant that holds the windshield and the edges of the glass in place and protects it from UV rays. It also hides the dirt that are collected along the edges. Moreover, the dots provide a visual pleasing transition from the black frit band to the transparent glass. It is also responsible for creating even temperature distribution during creation of the windshield.


This object that we regularly use has only one purpose and it is simple. The dark glasses are mainly designed for the Arctic people as it protects the eyes from dazzling snow. It has also become quite popular in the 12th century as it was worn to conceal their emotions from witnesses.

Notebook Margins

These margins are not meant only to provide your teachers with the space for outraged notes. The real fact behind the margins is that books in the past were fell victims to rats and mice who like to gnaw on papers. So to prevent the rodents to eat the parts of details along with paper, people started to leave spaces at the edges where the damages are more likely to occur.

Dimples on the Golf Balls

The first golf balls designed was absolutely smooth. With the passing time, the golf players have realized that the best shots of the ball can only be achieved when it was scuffed, old and cracked. So, the manufacturer realized this tendency and hence they started manufacturing artificially aged dimpled balls for playing golf.

Holes in the Padlocks

The padlocks are mainly used to lock gates and doors and soon they get out of order due to rain. Owing to this reason people use to buy padlocks very often. The purpose of these small holes at the bottom is to pure engine oil inside the machinery of the padlocks. This will make the key to lock the padlocks with ease and there will be no requirement for replacing the padlock again and again.


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