Criticize Partner Without Damaging Relationship and More

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You might not be aware with the fact that for the harmony in a relation it is crucial for both the partners to observe certain ratio of praise and criticism. There are many researches going on in finding the ideal proportion of the bad and the good. Below you will come across with some interesting findings that can help you to criticize your partner without damaging your relationship.

Follow the Losada Ratio ( Relationship )

Lasoda Ratio is the type of ratio which is designed to let you know the negative and positive in a relationship between you and you partner. The first person who noted the influences of this proportion is the renowned psychologists, John Gottman. He has researched over 3000 marriages till date and analyzed the perfect proportion. Based on the proportions of the negative and positive in a relationship, the chances of a divorce are over 90%.

But, another psychologist Marcial Francisco Losanda have revealed a report after analyzing many business class people and clarified those circumstances of the highest efficiency and hence found the perfect ratio.

Importance of Right Ratio ( Relationship )

Just imagine a situation where you are sailing a boat and the wind which is blowing the sail is often praised. However, the steering wheel of the ship is the criticism where the sail will be successful if the criticism is higher than that of praise. So, it is not important how harder you are moving the steering wheel, the sail will reach nowhere if the wind of praise is missing.

Considering this fact, being the partner you always need to sing and appreciate the praises of your partner and keep a blind eye on the shortcomings. Based on the report of the Losanda, the Losanda Ratio is just equal to the three positives for one negative. This is the optimal ratio to achieve highest performance in any relationship. Moreover, the maximum ratio is 7 praises for one criticism and relations that are beyond this ratio would gradually get deteriorate and finally lead to divorce.

How Does it Actually Works? ( Relationship )

It all depends on the positive response and attitude of the partners. Without having a positive and good attitude and willingness for compromising on things at times, it won’t be possible to maintain a good balance in the relationship. Failing to this would lead the relationship to fall apart. However, complete absence of negativity is also equally dangerous for a relationship and you must not overlook this fact. Overall, maintaining a good balance in a relationship is very essential. So, you need to keep in mind the Losanda Ratio and ensure to maintain the simple rule: Three Positives per One Negatives.

So, ensure to cut down the habit of criticizing your partner or other people in your relationship as it weakens the relation ; instead focus on the ration mentioned above and make sure to have a satisfying relationship ahead.