How The Spending Habits can Hurt your Marriage

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Spending Habits – When the income of your family is spent without transparency and appropriate accountability, then the marriage could be in danger. According to a survey it is found that shopping or spending without transparency can hurt the marriage. If you think that your spouse is wastrel, then it may hurt your marriage, even if it not true. Based on the report of the survey, most of the husbands usually initiate a spousal conflict just because of the money, especially when they start thinking that their wife is spending more money than intended. On the other hand, wives also believe that their husbands are spending more and hence the financial conflict starts between them. The finding also showed that these were the true couples irrespective of their incomes. No matter whether they earn more and spend more or not, the perception outweighs the reality.

Spending Habits

What are the Perception Of The Partners? (Spending Habits)

The true fact is that spouse’s perception of their partner regarding their spending habits is very predictive of financial conflicts between them and these conflicts can lead to impact their relationships and hurt their marriage. So, perceptions are very important compared to the reality. Some of the researchers have conducted a study with over 700 families and from the study they have found that lack of communication and spending habits without transparency can lead to breakups and divorce, especially in the early in marriage.

Though most of the families still happy with the financial conflicts but still they often fight with each other for the spending habits of their spouse. They believe that the habit of spending more than intended can’t be changed and it is better to stay with this truth and save the marriage. However, other are taking initiatives to save the marriage, while managing the spending of their spouse and cutting cost on unnecessary things to save more and spend less. This is the perception of most of the couples who are conflicting with each other for the unhealthy spending habits of their spouse. They strongly believe that financial issues will automatically go away with the passing days and when the circumstances changes.

The study also showed that the financial conflicts are not the issue here, but the perception was as the perception of the people won’t change even when the situation changes. It is estimated that about 90% of the women population and 85% of the male popular are having at least some worries about the finances of their family and the spending habits too. According to the studies it is noticed that clinical help and therapies can help people in solving their issues and financial planners are the best way to start with.

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