The Top 10 Foods That Can Severely Harm Your Oral Health

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Oral hygiene and health is very crucial for every person as it can help them prevent a variety of dental issues like gingivitis, cavities and periodontal diseases. Everyone has the desire to have healthy and brighter smile and they do everything to ensure this, they see their dentist regularly, refuse eating sweet foods and also maintain a good diet. But, there are some foods which seem to be healthy, but dangerous for your oral health. So to help you understand these foods, below is the quick rundown of some of the foods which are healthy but actively damages your teeth and lead to dental issues.



Popcorn is widely enjoyed by youngster, especially during movie shows. But the only drawback is that it gets stuck in your teeth, leading to formation of cavities in long term. So, using floss is important to remove the stuck popcorns from your teeth.


Tomatoes are healthy ingredient in any food, but the acid present in it can harm the teeth adversely. This food is known for enhancing the dental sensitivity in people so ensure to eat lesser tomatoes in food and if possible stay away from it.

Macaronis and Potatoes

Both potato and macaronis are the rich source of starch and when it contacts with the saliva it turns into sugar, thereby causing cavities formation and other dental diseases. The starch present in potatoes can also stimulate the breeding ground for the dental plaque.


Chips are the highly preferred snack, but just like popcorn it tends to get stuck in between your teeth and hence it can cause the same problem, especially if you don’t brush or do flossing after eating chips. So, ensure brushing your teeth after eating chips every time to ensure better oral hygiene.


Blueberries are widely enjoyed and it doesn’t influence the oral health, but they paint your teeth blue. But, if you don’t eat blueberries regularly, then it won’t happen indeed. However, the true fans of blueberries are likely to see their teeth becoming yellowish or bluish because of the juice they consume.

Chewing Gum

Besides increasing saliva, chewing gum is known to impact the dental bridges and brows negatively. So, try avoiding it.

Sports Drink                   

Most of the sports drinks are loaded with sugar to enhance the stamina and energy level of the athletics. But the sugar content in the drinks can destroy your teeth adversely.

Coffee and Tea

Both the drinks are popularly used as they are healthy for you, but what you don’t know is the fact that it also contents sugar and drinking too much of coffee and tea can damage the teeth.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have sticky structure and they may end up destroying your teeth in long term. So, floss your teeth after eating dried fruits every time.


Besides drying your throat, alcohol is also known to reduce the flow of salvia and can damage the teeth by leaving stains on your teeth. So, after drinking alcohol ensure bruising your teeth regularly.

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