3 Steps to Sell More Herbalife Products


3 Steps to Sell More Herbalife Products

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Thank you so much for watching my video. My name is Korey Niese, full time internet marketer and coach. You can find me on Twitter @CoachKorey3 and NEW social network Webtalk https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6498317 I highly suggest you make a FREE account with Webtalk because it’s another place you can promote your business and find new customers.

Now a little about the video above. Usually when someone gets started in network marketing they do what everyone else is doing. That is sharing your company replicated website. This is NOT a good strategy because you’re just like everyone else. And to be successful in business you NEED to stand out and differentiate yourself from the masses. Not only should you be different than other distributors in your company but from any network marketer in the industry. The approach I highly, highly recommend is using “Marketing Funnels”

Marketing Funnels help you build your business better in so many ways.

#1 They help you stand out from the sea of competition.
#2 They help you better follow up with automated email campaigns.
#3 They help you convert and close more sales because of branding and systems


The reason people buy or join something is because they have enough trust, desire, and pain to solve their problem. So the best way to help someone get started in your business is to use websites that build trust, create desire, and eliminate their pain. With sales pages you can put on personal videos of you sharing your product testimonial. (Solve problem) With personal branding by adding pictures, your short story, and contact information you BUILD TRUST.

You clearly target people who would already be interested in your products by using Lead Capture pages. I know this might seem like a lot but it can all be broken down into one simple term. MARKETING FUNNEL

Use marketing funnels to grow your business online. You will have greater leverage, more follow up, better branding, and overall better results. And the best part of this all is just
truly how easy it is to use marketing funnels. All you have to do is make a 7 day free account right here. http://7dayfreetrialwithkorey.twitterforbeginners.com

Then use this code. 568742-Herbalife
Paste that code into your system. You can begin using the same exact marketing funnel and websites shown in the video above.

If you have any questions about this or want personal help setting this up, simply contact me on Twitter @CoachKorey3 or txt 419-615-0358


Here’s your code 568742-Herbalife