How To Make Money in Herbalife| Tips & Tricks

I finally got around to filming pointers on how to successfully make money selling Herbalife products! These are my personal tips based off what helped me get to World Team. Some of these things you may have heard before but most likely not in this way. Give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe! Love ya, Besos! 😘

🤗🤓Detox Drink~ Shed 5lbs in 5days

🤗👿 Herbalife Likes & Dislikes

💞My Skincare Routine

💜Wash N Go Routine

💕My Latest Length Check

💜Albolene VS Sweet Sweat~ Which is better?!

💖The Things You Must Know About Herbalife!

💛My Lottery Story (Storytime)

💋💋💋 💋💋💋 💋💋💋 💋💋💋




Layla Lilac


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