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Herbalife: November Products!

Instagram: Layla_Lilac_Love Email: HealthyMissT@gmail.com Website: goherbalife.com/healthymisst/en-us Sorry for the gum chewing guys! I noticed it later -__-. Hey you guysss! I made a November product update video that includes a different healthy meal formula 1 flavor & some other new goodies. Watch the video to see what I’m currently using & loving 🙂 Herbalife, herbalife ….  Read More

Herbalife active fiber complex – fiber – active fiber complex & herbal aloe products

Herbalife active fiber complex – fiber – active fiber complex & herbal aloe products Herbalife active fiber complex – herbalife active fiber complex contains soluble and insoluble fiber. More info: https://reduce-weight.in/product/active-fiber-complex/ Herbalife Active Fiber Complex Benefits Buy HERBALIFE ACTIVE FIBER COMPLEX Read Herbalife Active Fiber Complex Reviews on herbalife More Info: https://is.gd/vYU5ms Active fiber complex. ….  Read More

Herbalife – Is it a supplement scam?

Herbalife review in terms of health, performance and wealth creation. Studies: Plant-Based Diets Show More Weight Loss Without Emphasizing Caloric Restriction http://www.obesity.org/news-center/plant-based-diets-show-more-weight-loss-without-emphasizing-caloric-restriction.htm A two-year randomized weight loss trial comparing a vegan diet to a more moderate low-fat diet. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17890496 Revisiting acute liver injury associated with herbalife products http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3208182/ Herbal does not mean innocuous: Ten cases ….  Read More

Day 28 Before and After Results – Herbalife

Day 28 Before and After Results – Herbalife Watch my 28 Day Update on Herbalife and my top favorite Herbalife Products. In this video I go over my results using Herbalife products over the last 28 days and also telling you guys what my favorite products are! #herbalife #beforeandafter #supplements #weightloss See More below! My ….  Read More

Dr. Lou Ignarro on Niteworks® Powder Mix | Herbalife

Nobel* laureate and heart expert Dr. Lou Ignarro discusses Niteworks®, a refreshing powdered drink mix that supports the body’s production of an incredible molecule called Nitric Oxide, or NO. Niteworks® was created to be taken nightly to promote the natural formation of NO, since NO levels are lowest at night. NO is a crucially important ….  Read More


#herbalife #herbalifenutrition #nutrition #weightloss What are the ingredients in Herbalife Niteworks and how does the product benefit us? Important: Geethanjali is an Independent Herbalife Associates. Views expressed in this video are that of an individual and not evaluated by Herbalife Nutrition Company & FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, ….  Read More

Herbalife Product Review Thermo Bond, Cell u loss

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This is NOT a hate video for Herbalife. Only down fall is that the shakes can be pricey if your mixing it up and having a shake every now and then plus your grocery shopping. I strictly stopped because I turned to real food. I stopped drinking shakes from Oct 2016 until in May 2017 ….  Read More

(2019) My morning routine for weightloss: Herbalife shakes, tea, prolessa

Hey everyone today I am sharing my morning routine for weightloss!! I am utilizing the Herbalife shakes, tea, prolessa, aloe, beauty booster, probiotic, high protein coffee, and Fiber. Plus all the amazing tabs! I have been using these products for about 3 years now and I absolutely love them! To purchase anything I mentioned please ….  Read More